Crater Valley is a family estate turned into a boutique hotel, holding the essence and magic of three generations. In the late 1960’s, Bilo purchased the property and began the garden. Her daughter Marisa, owner and orchid master, continued the gardening tradition together with her eldest daughter Kathy, owner, overall architect, and landscape designer.


El Valle de Antón is the largest continually inhabited volcanic crater in the world. Located in the province of Coclé, its volcanic composition and countryside are ideal for exploring 11,000 years old historic paths. Enjoy a journey into the Panamanian rainforest and the local community here who are mainly descendants of the NGABE indigenous tribe.

At a Glance

Superb views of El Gaital Natural Monument
Secluded gardens
Romantic ambience
Rainforest hacienda layout
Spacious air conditioned rooms with plasma screens and memory foam mattresses
Swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi
Massage cabana
Koi and water Lilly ponds
Cocktail and wine tasting bars
Bespoke outdoor dining terraces on demand

Things to Enjoy

Farmers' market
Nispero Zoo, Nursery and golden frogs Conservation Center
Snake Haven
Butterfly Farm
The Sleeping Indian Girl mountain (and Panama's most frequented hiking trail)
El Gaital National Monumental Park
A myriad of over 40 trails around the Crater
El Macho Waterfall, trail and canopy
La Piedra Pintada (the "painted rock" petroglyph)
Orchid Nursery and Conservation Center Aprovaca
Hot Springs
Anton Valley Historical and Cultural Museum
The Square Trees

How We Care

All water on the property (all pools, showers, etc.) comes from out private spring. Waste is conscientiously recycled: even our organic waste is used for creating a compost pile for maintaining our beautiful gardens. We have our own herb and vegetable garden, citrus, mango, avocado, Marañon de Curacao (rose apple), banana and papaya trees, which when in fruit are happily consumed. We use eco-friendly light fixtures and bulbs (currently undergoing LEED certification evaluation), as well as water saving devices. Not only do we offer personalised attention to our guests, but a percentage of all proceeds goes towards the community.