50 Year Family History

With a family history of gardening for more than fifty years, Bilo, having been President of Panama's Gardening Club 3 times and her daughter Marisa, avidly have been collecting orchids for this two hectare property. Crater Valley's gardens will marvel you with its 70 year old trees, butterflies, brightly colored flowers, Koi carp, Water Lilies, ferns, fruit trees, herb garden, organic vegetable garden and composting, hummingbirds, crickets chirping, frog croaking at night and birds singing all day.

Botanical Trail

We have designed a botanical trail onsite in order to offer our guests a more informative experience to appreciate the wonders of our gardens a little better. Enjoy a plethora of species with a guided map, botanical listings and a brief explanation.

1. El �rbol de la Vida / Tree of Life (Corotu)
2. Helechos / Ferns
3. Aves / Birds
4. Cacao y Caf� / Cacao and Coffee
5. Iguanas y Papos / Iguanas and Hibiscus
6. Compostera / Compost Pile
7. Lirios de Agua / Water Lilies
8. Frutales / Fruit Orchards
9. Araceas / Aroids (escudos)
10. Orqu�deas / Orchids
11. Carpas / Koi Pond
12. Jengibres / Gingers
13. Crotos / Euphorbias
14. Vivero / Green House
15. Hortaliza / Herb Garden
16. Heliconias (& bananas)
17. Marantas (calafeas)
18. Ranas y Tortugas / Frogs and Turtles
19. Mariposas / Butterflies
20. Colibr�es / Hummingbirds


Description per station 20 - [Print self quide Tour PDF]


Inventory Flora and Fauna